Crazy people join Lane Twelve

here is your very own tribe of digital addicts waiting to welcome you in their virtual embrace. but you know how it is, when you are crazy people tend to ask you a lot of questions. have a look below, we may have already answered them for you.

if you aren’t one of the below people, you are most welcome to apply:

  • practical
  • faint hearted
  • digitally unsocial – not social media savvy
  • mediocre
  • routine workers – 9-5 only please

yes! if you have something big in your mind, heart & soul for digital media then we will facilitate you in achieving it. we love having people in our team who think big!

humans have been created to express, and digital media is helping them to express themselves, hence the phenomenal growth witnessed in this industry over the last 10 years

less than 2% was spent on digital in the local advertising industry last year which is going to increase exponentially in the years to come! No other medium offers a brand maximum exposure the way digital media does!

growth opportunities are never ending at lanetwelve. moreover, it depends entirely on how high you want to go in your chosen career.

we give you the platform & a chance and then it’s all up to your passion. prove yourself and move forward. our “embellish your abilities” strategy is justified with the appraisal system we have – twice a year it is.

decentralization is the concept that we encourage at lanetwelve. everybody is empowered to put in his/her best ideas. we act as an eco-system where our existing mad people help you in becoming more mad and falling in love with yourself.

we disagree with the one-man-show policy. hence, every member of our family is equally important. nevertheless there is a reporting line that is being implemented for better management practices.

we believe people are our biggest asset and to make them feel at home is our top priority. we do not have any protocols and everyone’s opinion matters here.

we celebrate birthdays, have appraisal dinners, hang out together and have so much fun! despite all the fun, we are very professional in our work  and this is reflected through our winning team and the clients we are serving.

we believe that even the sky is not the limit. lanetwelve has already become a global name in the digital media industry by serving clients in qatar, oman, uk, canada, uae and usa.

stay tuned for more… simple-smile

time flies when you’re passionate and having fun and this is what is exactly happening with us. unfortunately we do not work at lanetwelve, we just materialize our passion. although we never encourage late sittings.

like they say, do not work hard, work smart! digital media is up and running 24/7 and so are we. however, you may require to work after office hours and over the weekends whenever something comes up from the client, after all you will be handling million dollar clients here and be part of making history! simple-smile

it is fundamental for us to make sure that we both are a perfect fit for each other.  hence, we have a rigorous recruitment process at lanetwelve; it includes interviews, writing a test, doing a presentation and a 3 day trial. And believe us; its worth it in the end. simple-smile

The time taken to contact candidates once they get shortlisted is approximately one week.

  • tell us about lanetwelve through your network knowledge (friends or relatives)
  • check out our social media platforms + website
  • we want to hear your bigger goals in life

a simple answer to this is: no internships but yes we offer ownerships. we believe if people are passionate for digital media, they will take the ownership themselves.

at lanetwelve there is no difference between an intern and an employee in terms of responsibilities, and we are continuously looking for people who love to own their work!

we offer market competitive remuneration and benefits.

not at the moment. but 3rd party transport is available!

There are 2 reasons:

  • as we love our roots, the idea starting this venture was conjured up at the 12th lane in dha, karachi.
  • and the very important other reason, we want your eye-brow to be raised after hearing the name so that you question about it. ?

    still have some burning queries?




    please do not apply if you don’t want to make a dent in the universe through your passion for digital.