It is rightly said that the secret of getting ahead is getting started. This is the idea we are following to the core these days. After making loads of changes in our offline world, “our office premises”; we are full of activity to bring something new in our online world. Simply put, we are working on our website . A significant member of our team Syed Saad Imran is putting in all of his efforts to create the most unconventional website ever!

He is all so occupied with the technicalities of web developments these days. We are privileged to have his expert guidance in order to bring out the best from it. And by the way, not to forget Umara Rashid, who is lending him a hand to make the website extra exceptional. Though she isn’t helping him out with the technical things but there is lot of other stuff to be taken into account; as in content, accessibility ideas etc. This is where, she comes into play. And this is not it , we have our whole team working on the website in a certain way … Everyone is contributing to generate compelling content so others will see our topic through our eyes only, and nobody else’s! Hope to come up with an incredibly awesome and fantastically amazing “Online face of lanetwelve” soon 🙂

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