Javeriah Hameed

lanetwelve  has always been like a family to me where everyone is like a support system. starting from our line managers to colleagues, there is always an open environment which not only is essential for development but is a home ground for nurturing creativity. being in a communication industry it is essential that we communicate and at lanetwelve, communication is always encouraged. as said earlier, lanetwelve is like a family that trusts its members. big brands like l’oreal are entrusted to us with the believe that we will do full justice with it! it was for lanetwelve that i discovered my passion for social media, and clearly understood the meaning of ownership. in the duration that i have spent here, i have developed skills and have gained market insights that no book could ever teach. my journey with lanetwelve has always been and insha allah will always be full of some amazing learning opportunities!

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