Saliha Saeed

passion and ownership are the two words which i think truly describe the being of lanetwelve. i haven’t been a part of this family for long, but i can say with pride and confidence that lanetwelve has completely changed me as a person; i have seen myself evolve. it has in real terms taught me that if you develop a passion for learning you will never cease to grow. it doesn’t matter what educational background you have or where you come from, but if you have the passion to work and even an ounce of creativity you can become a social media marketing guru with lanetwelve. furthermore, lanetwelve has not only provided me the best of the industry’s experience but also a friendly and fun work environment. all in all, lanetwelve has been like a roller coaster ride and will continue to be one. thank you lanetwelve for all the wonderful experiences and for teaching a person like me patience and multi-tasking. in the end i’d like to say that if you want to live the digital media marketing experience, no place is better than lanetwelve!

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