professional, pleasant, honest, hardworking and always ready to exploring innovative ideas to improve quality of work; lanetwelve is all that and much more! in the 2+ years of our business relationship, we have developed one of pakistan’s 1st & largest b2b content program based on thought leadership for the corporate clientele. and within this time I have seen the company evolve from basics to expert level in b2b domain. We were always on a clock – as is the modus operandi of marketing anywhere in the world, but never did I ever experience lack of quality or lack of effort in the work.

lanetwelve operates on high moral ground and is always ready to go beyond the call of duty to deliver the best possible solution. their team – each and every member, is best equipped with the knowledge and skills in their particular capacity of work. most importantly, no matter how much the pressure, they always have a pleasant attitude and a smile of their faces.

would love to venture into more inbound marketing projects with them in future. keep rocking!