There has always been quite a debate about landing a good job and the ‘good’ being such an abstract term you never know whether it is the ‘good’ that you want or the other one. If you have read my previous post titled Deadly Job Hunt , you would know that I have had my fair share of job interviews and I have been lucky enough to have worked in different industries. Many a folks ask me why should one work in an agency (there is always either an agency or the brand itself, if you don’t know the difference yet you should just shoot yourself).

So here it goes guys, there are five basic reasons you should (not) work for an agency:

  1. Catering to different sectors: Whether its a creative agency or call centre you will have clients across industries. So there is never a dull moment, you won’t be stuck with one client selling one product/service. One day you are working on Durex, tomorrow you are selling Dubai Islamic Bank’s services.
  2. Working in a liberal/lose structure: There aren’t enough places where you can eat at your desk, or have trance/pop music playing in the background while you work. How about coming in ripped jeans and even a t-shirt? Well most agencies allow such comforts, you are not restricted to ties and suits. Every day is a casual Friday. How about walking into your boss’s office and hanging around/staying at his place? (without sleeping with him/her).
  3. Being the Brand: When working for a an accountancy firm or a research facility, you rarely get to see how a consumer responds first hand, but your work in an agency is often you impersonating the brand itself when you post a status on Facebook and wham a consumer comments. You actually become the person the brand is try to behave like.
  4. Not bound to time: Working for an agency means you are not bound to time frames, you are not a 9 to 5 dummy. Client tells you to shit out Gold at 12:oo00 am in the night, you actually lay golden eggs for them. There is no tomorrow, or later. Caffeine filled late nights and groggy late mornings with colleagues is the way people roll here.
  5. Meeting cool people: If you are in the Client Service dept. or Customer Services you will be exposed to the coolest game changers i.e. the big guys in the organizations CEOs, Brand Custodians,the weirdos, and the losers who mostly don’t know shit about what they talk about.(You will learn how to kiss ass and learn to love it)

So here it is. If you still think you are better off with that behind-the-desk job with heaps of paper and pot bellied uncles( I guess I forgot to tell you about good eye candy at work well yea that’s a big plus in agencies too). If you want to see how a typical week goes by in an agency watch Mad Men season 1, you will get an idea.

There are things I mentioned above and these could also become reason that one might take as reasons not to work. So its all relative. Take your time, experiment with your career choices. If you don’t make it to the Standard Chartered or Unilever trust me its not the end of the world.
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