taking the very basic definition of ‘crime’ it is defined as;

“an action of breaking rules, the conventional cycles and then revealing a new way of doing things which can be right or wrong for different school of thoughts.”

crime of dreaming big: cherishing every day to play larger than life, thinking phenomenal that can change the world, thinking no limits and driving towards a dream which is yet to be seen by the world.

deciding to steal the best: the talent management team hunts down the very best in their field and analyzes the candidates on the basis of their hunger to achieve more from their lives. when you find someone hungry to change the world, all you have got to do is to provide them with a platform and they will show you results to be amazed by. this is what lanetwelve has done in its 2 years 9 months in the digital industry.

crafting the unknown: the world has always existed with two kinds of people, the ones who lead and the ones who stand up to their ideas, beliefs and are courageous enough to craft their own paths for people to follow. this journey is fueled by passion which drives the hearts of the team at lanetwelve.

training the tricksters: we are a team which is smartly collected, refined and specifically trained to be the very best at their own domains. lanetwelve contains a number of tricksters who are defining the new limits, pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo, just so the world knows that a magician who masters his skill has to become mad to share his magic.

developing powerful minds: where companies hire on the basis of your academics, one company stands out and hires on the dreams that the candidate has and the passion he carries in himself to become a legend at what he does. learning is what stretches a mind and “a mind once stretched never goes back to its original self.” – albert einstein. growing minds is one of the focal goals of lanetwelve and is
the secret weapon: being mad is a lifestyle, a commitment to live fully and taking up the mission to be the weapon of mass creation.

making a difference (mad) is a simple philosophy that can affect the world in ways that it least expects. being mad is their weapon.
in doing so the 2 years 9 months in the digital media industry, there are a lot of rules broken, a lot of new pathways created, a lot of monsters created and the hunger for more still remains. so beware, as lanetwelve is coming to digital media near you.

written by saadi makhdoom

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