Like any other dish, creating a near to perfect culture takes time. Rushing into it can destroy the crucial ingredients that are mixed into it during the process. As a culture specialist I take into account that every ingredient put into it doesn’t lose its original flavor and taste during or after the final creation. Also all the ingredients should be pure in form and have little to no contamination. But before the ingredient we need to know why we are cooking it otherwise it won’t be served with a purpose.

So let’s start…

First, start by adding the most important ingredient which are Values. Values can be found in every individual. They are unique because everyone has their own. But worry not they make a very sweet combination. While choosing the individual make sure their values matches yours or at least compliments the one you have. They are the foundation of any culture and must be selected carefully.

Second add a hand full of principles. They act like baking soda or yeast. They raise your standards. Make sure they are in a perfect quantity. Third, add cup of beliefs. Now you won’t find similar ones so make sure they are strong enough to bind the above two together. Now mix them with norms. They play the role of texture. You don’t want yours to be too hard or too droopy. Let these sit for a while, they will bond into a form.

Once you feel you have a strong foundation it’s time to add flavor. Add a cup of both genders. Keep in mind both have their own specialty so they will bring out the best in your dish. Then, add a spoon full of diversity. Remember, the more you add to it the more tasty it will get and it will give your dish a lot of color. Now mix them up again. Before cooking, add tolerance, ethics and mutual respect. Let them brew in the pot of learning and growth.

Give it ample amount of time as it takes a while for all the ingredients to gel in. After that, bake them in the heat of different situations. If the keep their shape and form, you will know you have made them right. If not, try changing the quantity of the ingredients.

Remember, there are many ways to make a culture so your shape or texture might be different from others but the ingredients will remain the same.

Finally your culture is ready. Serve it with smiles, courtesy and humility.

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