It’s an ordinary bell. It hangs on a thick yellow string that’s beginning to flake. Its small, small enough that it would fit in the palm of a twelve year old. And it’s called the “KKG”.

Almost every week, the KKG is pulled off its hanging place, viciously carried over to the head of a bowing individual and aggressively rung.

“Ziiiiiiiinnng Ziiing” the sound of the bell cuts through the atmosphere of the office, puts the bowing individual into shock, pleasurable shock and is followed by a large round of – applause.

The KKG stands for the “Khushi Ki Ghanti”.

Enter the KKG. Whenever an outstanding achievement is noticed, maybe someone learnt something or taught a skill to a teammate that helped them in their work – the KKG is rung over them.

And with every KKG rung, every achievement that’s appreciated and acknowledged, team LaneTwelve takes one step closer to becoming a base for sparking creativity.


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