Wall’s Magnum has always been known for its premium quality and the heavenly taste of chocolate. It has built a strong reputation and fan base for itself since its initial launch. However, the success story does not stop here as Magnum is geared up to bring more innovation into its chocolate experience.

There are three new flavors which have been introduced by Wall’s recently as additional variants to the Magnum range. The focus revolves around the pure Belgian chocolate experience and the fact that Magnum is a luxury brand.
A re-launch event was organized by the company on Saturday, 2nd June 2012 where notable personalities from the blogging and digital world were invited. Names like Farah S Kamal, Owais Moeen, Zurain Imam, Tehniat Aftab, Moiz Kazmi, Mustafeez Ahmed and Aruna Sunjanani are synonymous with the food and lifestyle industry itself.
It was here that the brand manager of Magnum announced that they also had plans to open up a Magnum Café in Pakistan very soon.

Madiha Sultan, the owner of Lal’s Chocolates was also there to speak to the guests about what Belgian chocolate actually is. The chocolate used for this ice cream was previously imported from a number of different countries but will now be produced with pure Belgian chocolate.
Belgian chocolate is basically defined by the fact that it has at least 30% cocoa content. This gives it a unique and premium taste that people can enjoy. A dipping station had been placed where guests could get creative and come up with their own ice cream or could taste the new flavors as well.
It was an interactive session overall and the guests got a chance to meet the brand people and share their views and opinions with them.

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