This is the time of instant communication! Brands need to stay in touch to reinforce their ideas and to know what the people expect out of them. And for that, facebook is a very good method 🙂 However, the medium is utilized fully only if admin posts every day. Otherwise, the following consequences can be faced:

1. Share of voice for brands drop since they are unable to stay in front of peoples minds.
2. The momentum of the page breaks thus the relationship building element of page begins to fade.
3. Their chances of reaching out to new people decline.
4. Facebook Pages are public—anyone can find and view your page whether they are logged into Facebook or not. All content posted on their Facebook page gets indexed on Google. Thus, they are not just missing out an opportunity to become viral on FB. It has a much greater reach.
5. They are building trust and loyalty among your fan base with consistently good content and reliable responses. They definitely miss out this opportunity if they do not post regularly.
6. Every brand needs visibility. Posting updates regularly ensures your visibility.
7. When they interact with their fans daily, there is a chance of word of mouth promotion not just online but offline as well. Thus staying connected daily helps them build positive word of mouth exposure.
8. Also on Facebook, they are trying to bring brand to life and create a hypothetical personality of its own, if they do not post regularly, the brand becomes an artificial person. The life or vibrant feel of the page fades away.
9. They lose out on potential fans as the fans think the page is inactive. Fans’ chances of liking the page decreases.
10. Fans also notice absence of updates and think the brand is not serious about the fan page.
11. People start doubting the credibility/official touch of the page.
12. Brands miss out on a chance to tell fans about them through their updates. Hence this medium of communication is not utilized fully.
13. The interactions decrease as brands only answer posts by fans. There is no update by admin to interact on.
14. Many fans stop coming visiting the page as they do not think the page is active.
15. The updates do not go to home feed of people, hence less publicity!
16. The KPIs get affected as the number of active fans decrease eventually due to no new update.
17. Social media contributes to query solving and helping fans in making the decision to buy their products. A lot of fans look up to social media for query solving. So brands are missing out on their potential consumers.
18. Most importantly, brands won’t be able to achieve their target and will be left behind their competitors. It’s a highly competitive world.

So let’s get together and say yes to utilizing Facebook to the max!

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