How cheap… Ewww… Istaghfirullah … The title made you say this and many wouldn’t even have started reading it considering it to be of the cheapest type.

It’s the change in you that made you do so. This change came while Britney progressed, got married, gave birth and started packing her child’s school bag, but we only changed our music taste! We didn’t feel it because it came with a number of changes we accepted organically.

Let’s discuss some change scenarios:

  • Chang-e-Complexed: The change that comes inside you because of an inferiority complex
  • Chang-e-Obligatory: The changes made in one’s habits and thinking by someone of the opposite sex you are in love with
  • Chang-e-Career: The changes that your job brings with it
  • Chang-e-Cash: The changes brought by the most respected of all, cash!

And there are chang-e-Many more which we make because of philosophies, people, situations etc., that we face!

But where is the chang-e-ThySelf, which is considered the most forbidden (Mamnu) change in our society. If we change something just because we want it for ourselves; it is always compared people around us with case studies and other’s history.

We should believe in ourselves and change in the way we will be able to bring out a change for which we were born.

Even Veena changed from a host to %&^… Istaghfirullah; then what are you waiting for?

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