imagine you have encountered a problem with your service or need a product recommendation or want to talk to your company. as a customer, what would you do if you want to get in touch with your product or service provider? do you wait for the weekend or take time off work and drive to the service center? do you go for the old-school helpline and call them and endure the endless waits and line disruptions? or do you just open your facebook on your mobile, go to your service or product provider’s page and message them for assistance?

a lot many people are going for the last option and this is what is changing the dynamic of digital crm! digital customer relationship management is basically the process of using internet and digital to enhance your customer relationship and customer experience management.  social crm (the process of building and sustaining relationships with customers through social channels) is also becoming an integral part of digital crm.

so what makes digital crm such a huge thing and what benefits does it offer to the clients

1.efficiency: replace your manual processes with digital and enhance your efficiency through time saving as well as integration.

2.collaboration: customers are being managed through multiple departments in various companies. crm tools can help you collaborate and present a cohesive front in front of the customers so bottlenecks are reduced and a seamless experience is given. so you have millions of customers and truckloads of data on them but can’t sort it out to leverage something meaningful out of it? it’s like having a big family whose birthdays you keep forgetting and miss important occasions and relationships due to the same. the crm technology and software helps you form a meaningful story from your data and sift through relevant information to give you the insights you need!

4.accountability: tracking and accountability on the tools mean the crm processes are better organized and tracked and more efficient than ever before. no more slacking when it comes to relationships!

5.better relationships: what will the above lead up to? better managed customers, stronger relationships and enhanced customer experience!

we bet you want it. are we right?

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