every business is after sales and sales is the reason businesses exist, operate and function. the sales function typically has been the realm of cold calls and mass produced sales pitches without an ounce of customization/personalization or emotions that can actually win or lose business for any organization.

not anymore though. the typical sales function has been transitioning from the realm of cold calls to the era of digital lead generation and customized sales pitches. digital lead generation is the process of generating sales leads through the use of digital tools.

in pakistan, a staggering 29.13 million people are active internet users while in oman and uae this figure touches 3.21 million and 8.81 million respectively (wearesocial, jan 2016). with majority of the population owning mobile connections and mobile becoming the 1st screen for most people; digital lead generation is an area that makes sense for businesses to invest in. you sell to people where they are right? and right now the majority is actively engaged with one or more of the digital platforms.

with the lanetwelve lead generation agency in pakistan, it is typically been associated with showing ads to people either on social platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram) or on paid networks (gdn, search etc.) leading them on to your landing page or website. however, leads can also be generated via your other social platforms. a post promoting your new car’s features can compel people to book a test drive there and then, for example!

let’s check out some key platforms for generating leads online:

1. website optimization:
website is the most important owned platform that you have and is the key source where customers look for your products and services online. optimizing your website better through relevant call to actions, user friendly navigation plus design as well as access to lead generation forms is the best thing you can do for generating business online.

2. search engine
search engines are becoming the go to resources for people to look for information on products and services online.  this trend is also gaining momentum in pakistan. for high involvement products like cars and electronic items; customers regularly look for reviews online before hitting on the purchase button. hence, use seo techniques when customers search for you or your related category.

3. paid advertising:
paid advertising on platforms such as google adwords, display networks and social platforms can also win you precious customers if done and customized the right way. however, if just done for the sake of it, it can become an online version of a customized cold call.

4. social media:
here comes the sure shot winner! social media has the power to win a lot of leads for you through the power of reviews, recommendations and even customer service. apart from the social networks, the instant messaging channels like whatsapp can also unlock the power of lead generation for you.

5. e-mail:
this one is a tough nut. but if you have loyal subscribers genuinely looking to get a nice deal or hear about your offerings in time; you have a good base of followers that you can leverage well to your advantage.

the power of online lead generation lies in your ability to churn out customized messages for selected customer segments and to show the right message at the right time in the right context for your target audience.

the success of solely online businesses like home-based eateries, makeup artists and designers bears testimony to the fact that businesses can win, retain and enhance their business online!

so what are you waiting for? jump right into it!

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