I never had that much of an idea about fan pages until I joined Lane 12! Earlier on, I just thought that fan pages are just meant to be joined and for our friends to see them on our profiles but no siree! Fan pages are a lot more than that…They are meant to build relationships with brands, relations so strong that are close to one’s heart! Initially, I was quite surprised to see the responses of people on the page of our clients and I thought that I would just go crazy by sitting all day and replying to each and every comment and post, but my experience is quite the opposite I must say! Managing a page has become a part of my life now! Apart from replying to posts and comments, sharing links, videos, images and articles, I have realized that looking after a fan page means hearing out their problems, giving them advices, getting to know their likes and dislikes and most importantly, to be a part of their lives! Creating a value system so strong that its power could shape your thinking. All said and done, getting along with fan pages is an interesting task, bringing you a very unique experience which would broaden your horizon, teach you new things, expand your knowledge and change your life in a way you never would have imagined.. Happy managing all!

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