There are a lot of natural calamities that hit countries which are deprived. We are in a position which is called “state of now” and don’t have any pro active approaches to cope up with them because we are not aware of them. Thanks to “social media” which has become a part of every one’s life and is heavily dependent on it. Every  coverage and/ or other means such as NGO’s are using it to generate caring responses to those affected by natural disasters. An international channel, CNN heavily uses social media as prime source of providing information regarding anything going on around the globe.

Social media has speeded up in spreading information into every corner. Different platforms on social media are being used to help in scattering information to people. These maybe their tweets, pictures, status updates, blog posts, and videos etc. Social media not only works to inform people but also gets instant responses from every part of the world. Each and every single person share views regarding different issues and/or events. This way people not only get to know about the destruction taking place but also become eager to help those affected by collecting donations and reaching to those places to give a helping hand. So social media is helping us in speeding up the whole process and flow.

Not only the platforms such as Facebook, twitter and other similar sources are discussing and informing about the affected places and people to the direct users to raise donations and going there but also different charities have made a response online for those who are unable to go to different charities. The level of online responses is unbelievable that shows how technology is helping people in many ways and in generating responses.

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