uncertainty and skepticism were pretty much the two dominant emotions that consumed me when i decided to join lanetwelve.

however, i quickly realized that my decision was not an incorrect one. despite a tumultuous start that left me gobsmacked, i gradually began seeing this place for what it really is. lanetwelve is a breed apart from the conventional definition of “corporate organizations,” from ice breakers, to celebrating birthdays with a twist; this place has its moments of engulfing you in an aura of unanimity. that being said, the work itself has been a kaleidoscope of emotions that i have relished every step of the way.

be it pulling an all nighter or covering events that required an astute presence of mind, it’s been a roller coaster ride all the way. intense passion intertwined with a focused purpose is what it comes down to in the very end, and clearly lanetwelve has given me a direction to channel my energies in an organised manner!

written by eman saeed

Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/21FozVa

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