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Ever since the drastic move back to Karachi, I was impatient, confused, excited, and absolutely professionally confused. My days were consumed with endless anxiety. Questions collected like old friends. What if I never found the right job? What if I never found that one thing that I was good at? What if I remained unemployed forever?

Fast forward 2 years, and 4 jobs later here I am at lanetwelve. This organization is NOT like any other place that I had ever even imagined I would ever work for. Don’t get me wrong, the problem is me. For me an organization should be everything lanetwelve is not and that is the reason I am here. Call me crazy, but I love challenges and by nature I am curious. I love putting myself through the worst so I can come out the best by learning time and time again. Also by working here, I know and am confident enough to say that I am capable enough to adjust to environments that are outside of my own comfort zone.

For instance, lanetwelve does not believe in a distinction between professional and personal relationships (and is still able to survive) and that is my number 1 principle- by nature or nurture, it is the one thing I strongly believe in. Therefore, by working at a place that is able to show me a complete different perspective is reason enough for me to work here.

Additionally, the culture, rituals, values, people that I have encountered here so far motivate me and inspire me and make each day a learning experience that I know I shall never regret.

Thank you lanetwelve for always believing in me!

Written by Bushra Parekh

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