leaving a job is never an easy decision. the moment i told my friends and peers that i am leaving my stable job to get out of my comfort zone and start working in a digital agency; the first question thrown at me was, “are you mad?”

then came the question what lanetwelve is. for me the answer is that lanetwelve is a lifestyle. never before have i had so much fun at work. yes it can be tough at times. deadlines may not be very easy to meet. you may have to stay up the whole night to complete something but the pleasure one gets when the client appreciates your work is immense.

life at lanetwelve is like a roller coaster ride with a lot more ups than downs but like roller coasters are not for the weak hearted; the same is true for lanetwelve. when you hop into this ride you get to enjoy the ride and have fun all the way.

so my answer to my friends is that yes i am mad and am immensely proud of being the member of a mad family!

written by ali tahir

Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/1RJj93t

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