“You’re a good person, even if you did a bad thing, and I know you can do better.”

“Even if you do something stupid, I’m still going to love you no matter what!”

“You’re worth everything in this world”

Yes, we often hear these words from two most beautiful people in our life, who see the best in us, who stand by us through thick and thin and who are our most ardent admirers – Our parents, a reflection of God’s heavenly love for us.

As I’m growing up, I realize just how much they did for me. I realize it takes a lot of perseverance, patience and dedication. I often claim to have repaid all they’ve done for me but I simply cannot compete with my father’s advice and my mother’s care!

It’s an amazing feeling truly when your workplace appreciates the efforts your parents have put in raising you! lane twelve made sure they celebrate my parents in a whole hearted way! A surprise Thank you note for my parents from my colleagues suddenly became the world to them! It was amazing to see my parents reading each and every comment multiple times and passing on that lovely smile to one another. With tears rolling down their cheeks, I realized how my parents live vicariously through my accomplishments. And their words “You are our pride and joy!” were all that I wanted to hear honestly! I always wanted to live my life in a way that they will be proud, now I know that I am.

I’m totally in love with this “Thank you Parents” ritual! Wish I could add my comments too but I guess I’m getting a chance here. I only want to say that without each of my parents, I’d be nowhere near the person I am – and the person I’m still working on becoming. There aren’t enough words in the world to express my appreciation, but I think this is a good start. I owe you one!

In our rush to be “productive,” make profits or “do good” in the world, we lose sight of the fact that we’re talking about people here. And when you’re talking about people, then you are inevitably talking about emotions. And this is the hallmark of lane twelve. There are rituals for expressing gratitude, for building relationships and for connecting to spirits which are deep, rich and meaningful, meant to provide catharsis and opportunities for closeness to one another as human beings. And this is the real beauty!


Written by Umara Rashid

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