It’s just 18 days and the world is changed! It’s a mere status update or tweet and the spark is ignited! It’s just a thought of living a better life and the potential is reached!

And yes, it’s Egypt this time. Egyptians have cried out loud to bring an end to poverty, unemployment, corruption, police abuses and three decades of violent repression and despotic rule. However, the spark that ignited the firestorm was not pamphlets but Social Networks. The revolution took off when people started voicing their opinions on Facebook about the tyranny prevailing in their country.

The simple discussion turned the table and brought thousands of people on the streets to demonstrate their protest against autocratic governance of President Hosni Mubarak.

The people of Egypt showed the rest of the world what people can do when they use their power and don’t give up. With incredible courage and solidarity, they succeeded in getting rid of a hated tyrant! With Mr. Hosni leaving the country, it became apparent that today’s technological savvy generation is more willing to coordinate online and these conversations are not just limited to the online world but they bleed into life changing revolutions!

An interesting fact is that over the past month there were five million new Facebook members in Egypt.  So, is this, what we call the emergence of new generation? Indeed it is.

It is clear that Social media interactions help to influence not just your acquaintances, friends, relatives etc but a whole lot of likeminded people. It engages people to connect with the outside world, lets them to be open and speak their hearts out instead of making hissing sound which never gets heard!

There is no question that interactivity has become a reality now. Open any of the social networks anywhere in the world and we see something new happening somewhere else, each and every day. We comment on it by posting replies and comments are posted back. It can be an endless process, with multiple interactions between different people. And the truly transformative social media is engulfed with this interactivity. Through a few movements of your fingers, you see your story getting out to the wider world, steering a safer course and acting as surrogate for other forms of media.

All the social media tools have some stellar capabilities. This brings up a really good question: Are we ready to realize the potential of these multi-functional interactive tools which can bring about revolutions? And I know that you know the answer…. 🙂

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