Did they try finding a fire, or they chased? They did and they failed! but they kept on chasing it, didn’t deviate from their path and acted like a stupid army man, whom we salute acting more and more stupid.

Ill bore you again, so did they find the aero plane in the caves or they kept riding their beautiful horses? They didn’t only ride them; they praised them because they were overwhelmed with what nature had given them.

Are we overwhelmed with what nature has given us- our brains? What are we using them for learning calculations? Sigh… don’t we have calculators for that. Oh I am so sorry we are using them to learn history, don’t we have Wikipedia or Nat Geo for that. Ohhhh we are using them to get the most beautiful girl in school and in Pakistan we follow her till our marriage with her friend.

Hellllooooo… we need to think big … we weren’t born to find things.. So stop chasing them.. Stop finding jobs.. Lets create them. Let’s create human with Names, not Sir Names.

Why don’t we teach children about entrepreneurship, why don’t we have a website to apply for a venture? Is it because we are afraid? Then you shouldn’t breathe because this life is like a burning candle in an open ground and that means I might die before putting in a full stop.

Its time, let’s think big and contribute! I am sure a crying baby came up with an idea for developing Diapers for him, and if I am not wrong we can think, listen, create and above all speak… So speak out through some ideas to make our country big,, and big with ideas …

lanetwelve is looking out for you! Yo 🙂

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