Few days ago a friend called me up after seeing my status on a social network, and not only this, few other friends and friends of friends asked them about it, well there was nothing special in the status I set, but was about the new candidate we have been looking for our agency. This clicked me. Social media doubtlessly has become a great way for recruiters to announce job openings and find qualified candidates among their friends and the circle.

Social media is like a web, web of people and its colloquial nature helps in spreading the word much more quickly than posting it in forums or news paper or even in the job based websites. People know people there, just like LinkedIn, you can find whole bunch of professionals with their resume uploaded and it saves you a lot of time and if you find someone mutual it also add the trust factor in it, you can always inquire off the track. Add them as your friend, exchange messages. You can even talk to the applicants or friends about their experiences, this all take hiring to another level, the much more trusted level. It also opens the door to learning a lot about applicants that you might not discover during a traditional interview. Socializing with your applicant or candidate on social media saves you from making unpleasant discoveries about them.

Social media is an excellent way to know, learn and spread the word about your company or job or even connecting with your potential future employees. Know more about them, check their network, see their skills and you will find what you are looking for in a candidate.

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