Twitter is not just a social networking platform but also a micro-blogging service. It has an option of tweeting where you can tell everybody what you are up to, but in a limited amount of words though. One can also follow people on twitter and they in turn can follow back, very similar to your friends in the friends list of facebook.

Sadly, twitter is not used by many people in Pakistan… one wonders why? Maybe because people think that it does not have many applications like sharing photos and videos, having food fights or giving drinks or playing games like Farmville or Mafia Wars. Or tweeting in limited words might also be a problem. Many people also find it non-user friendly and get confused by its layout and options.

But the fact is that Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites worldwide. It is used by all the famous people from Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears to Barack Obama. In fact twitter helped Barack Obama a lot in his presidential campaign. Here in Pakistan, twitter is used by Jehan Ara (Head of P@SHA), Rabia Gharib (Dawn News), Pervez Musharraf, Imran Khan and Salman Taseer to name a few. It is also used by the general public but not too much. In fact, less than 2% of Pakistan’s population is on twitter.

Twitter does not have many in-house applications but it has over 100 other applications which help in using twitter and managing your account. They can be called by different names. They are sometimes called “twitter tools”, “twitter add-ons” and the like. These can help you in a number of things, e.g., setting up your tweets in advance, knowing who has addressed you using the @ sign, finding keywords, seeing the location of twitter users, posting reviews on twitter, creating and answering polls on twitter and a lot more!

In short, twitter is a useful site, very helpful in social networking. People the world over have realized its significance and are using it to the max. It is about time that people here too understand its benefits.

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