Hot buttons are emotional points that push a prospect to make a purchase or do activities as these points hit them emotionally. These buttons vary from person to person but are present in everyone and when we, as marketers, hit those buttons we can influence their buying behavior.

The Hot Button Principle means you stand on the same emotional footing your customer does. The marketers help the consumers fulfill their needs through buying. We should focus on this idea that people don’t buy products and services, rather they buy the satisfaction of unmet needs.

All the purchases made by customers are done from their subconscious because of certain motivations and these motivations that arouse in them are actually “Hot Buttons”.

The reasons behind why a customer uses our products or services can be classified into two, which are the rational reason and the real reason. All the activities done are due to these two reasons. Some are done just because of only one of these and some have both the reasons behind them.

These hot buttons when used in social media can do miracles, because if we understand what our fans want from us or how they feel about us, we can cater to them in a better manner. As we will do things that our fans love and build a strong relationship with them they will want to interact with us more often.

There are 16 Hot Buttons which can be ‘pushed’ to come closer to our fans and their emotions regarding different activities.

Hot Button #1 – The Desire for Control

This button targets the feeling of control in people. People generally want to control everything happening around them. They feel uncomfortable if things go out of hand. In Social media this button can be used by making the fans feel that they can get whatever they want from our page. Demonstrating them how being on our page will help them control some facets of their lives will lead to building a stronger relationship with them. For example asking them to give suggestions about the page, making them admin of the page for one day or making changes on the page according to their wish will make them feel that they are in control.

Hot Button #2 – I’m better than you

This button hits those who want to see themselves superior from others. It is human psyche to be better than others and to improve further. This button when used in social media can become a great asset because people want to see themselves ahead of others so, for example, when any contest/activity happens they try to participate actively to show others that they know more and are better than others.

For knowing about the other 14 buttons keep track of our blogs. Till then try these 2 buttons and tell us how they have worked on your customers, good luck!

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