We have already discussed the first two ‘Hot Buttons’ in our previous blog. Let’s continue after that:

Hot Button #3 – The Excitement of Discovery


Consumers who respond to this button want to discover everything by themselves. A discovery is something learned or found. It includes both the new and the unexpected. New products and services, and new uses for familiar products are a delight because they allow consumers to enjoy the thrill of discovery.

Trying to come up with new designs in DPs and text ads because these types of things create excitement for the fans will get them attracted towards the page. Coming up with different surprises like contests and asking them things like how being on the page has helped them know new things that they did not know prior to joining our page will also help in pushing these buttons.

Hot Button #4 – Revaluing


Revaluers are a segment of the market that is self-motivated, self-directed and self-focused. It caters to people who value emotions and history. This button can be used in social media by making the fans realize how being on one’s page and using the product have added value in their lives and also by telling them how being a part of one’s page can add value in their lives. Also coming up with things of old times that people used to value and using those things to remind fans of the good times they had before will be very effective!

Hot Button #5 – Family Values


This button is one of the most effective buttons of all. This means that people are emotionally charged when it comes to their family and it hits them subconsciously when we highlight family values. This hot button can be used in social media by coming up with statuses where people can share their family memories and also things which are related to family values like family dinners, picnics, etc. We can also ask fans to share homemade recipes on the page that their grandmothers used to make for them. Also keeping a list of birthdays of fans and wishing them will make them feel a part of family.

There are other Hot Buttons coming up too! Stay tuned and keep implementing these ones! 🙂

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