it was a hot summer day of june 2012. i was driving to my first interview at lanetwelve with lots of expectations; expectations of a proper office, huge team and so on. having read the client portfolio on the website was enough to have me hooked. however, as soon as i stepped into the office, all my expectations went flying out of the 1st floor window where the office was and is located. i felt like i had stepped into an ordinary house; there was nothing office like. my instinct was to run! however, i stayed and oh boy! what a stay this has been!

never judge a book by its cover is what we have all heard! no truer manifestation of this term could be seen than at lanetwelve. amidst a casual environment, scribbled walls and informal atmosphere, young men and women clad in jeans and shirts are changing the digital industry through their passion. and this has been the story of lanetwelve.

i joined lanetwelve in june of 2012. i was completely naïve when it came to digital and had not even completed my masters. i was expecting to be given menial work, uninteresting assignments and low-key projects. however, as soon as i joined, i was given the largest and most exciting project of lanetwelve, telenor pakistan. i was blown away. telenor was followed by l’oreal pakistan; working under a manager was followed up by managing a team and the nervous reluctance of the start was followed by a strong sense of camaraderie!

lanetwelve was a platform where dreams came true; where young people were assigned big projects if they proved themselves to be passionate enough. yes there were long days and nights spent on working because you know the digital and the client never sleep; the workload was extensive but all of us loved every minute of it. because it taught us, groomed us and made us better people.

lanetwelve started in the “stone ages” of internet which meant that we were doing work much ahead of everyone in the industry and still we are pioneering digital for many markets (oman, bahrain, saudi arabia etc.) and industries.
the best part of lanetwelve has always been the open atmosphere. no hierarchy exists; you can even talk to the ceo like a friend and absolutely no politics is involved in the office. i found some amazing mentors here who have counseled me whenever i needed it.

did i make it sound like it is all work and no play? this can’t be farther from the truth! we work in a very fun atmosphere dotted by celebrations of all kinds! whether its birthdays, ritual days, breakfasts or picnics; every moment is made into an occasion only at lanetwelve.

lanetwelve made me a better and more responsible person. from an irresponsible twenty something to a mature adult who is willing to take ownership for whatever she does and can handle multiple things at once.

this is the change you can only see once you are here and i am grateful to have been part of it!

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