a crisis is like a fire. it erupts suddenly, has to be extinguished with urgency and can cause extensive damage if it rages on. now imagine if a fire explodes and the emergency team reaches late or does not reach at all. what will happen? damage and more damage!

for any traditional pr company, absence from the crisis scene is the sure shot recipe to disaster. and these days, our crisis sites are primarily on digital. crisis happens, conversations start and sentiments build at a place where your customers are present and this place now is digital. your consumers are talking behind your back about your company on digital mediums while you are focused on tv and print. so what do you do?

it’s about time you go for digital pr; the formula that is shaking up the traditional pr systems digitally!

digital pr is an amalgam of the traditional pr function with the digital tools and added components like content marketing, social media and search.

have a look at the components below: sentiment management: conversations take place on digital media uncensored. digital pr needs to track, manage and positively change the brand sentiment online (on both owned and third party mediums)!

2.crisis management: we started the blog with it. can’t afford to miss this one at any cost. crises are erupting online and we need to smartly manage them. this involves scanning your social assets, industry relevant groups and chatter on third party platforms like blogs, websites and so on!

3.influencer management: online influencers are talking about you or your competitors online. let’s not miss out on this opportunity to generate some word of mouth and get them to interact about you positively!

so what are you waiting for? it’s time to cook your perfect digital pr recipe online!

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